TPA Stream’s REST API supports Basic Authentication over HTTPS using your Secret API Key.

To implement, simply put your user name (email address) and Secret API key in the Authorization header on each API request.

Your API key is a Secret Password! Do not share this key with anyone, including TPA Stream. TPA Stream will NEVER ask for your Secret API Key.

A simple example using curl:

curl -L --user


For additional security, you must provide an IP CIDR address range. This range may be, meaning no restriction, however we HIGHLY recommend a more restrictive address range to provide an extra layer of security in addition to your Secret API Key. This range can be provided on the Manage Users page under Settings.

Generating an SSH Key

To generate an SSH keypair:

  1. open your Terminal (on Linux/Mac) or Git Bash (Windows)

  2. Paste the following command:


    This creates a new SSH keypair.

    1. When you’re prompted to “Enter a file in which to save the key,” press Enter. This accepts the default file location.

      Enter a file in which to save the key (/home/you/.ssh/algorithm): [Press enter]

    2. At the prompt, you may enter a secure passphrase. You can leave this blank.

      Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): [Type a passphrase]

      Enter same passphrase again: [Type passphrase again]

Generating a GPG Key

To generate a GPG keypair:

  1. Download and install the GPG command line tools for your operating system. We generally recommend installing the latest version for your operating system.

  2. Open Terminal.

  3. Generate a GPG key pair.

    gpg --full-generate-key

  4. At the prompt, specify the kind of key you want, or press Enter to accept the default.

  5. At the prompt, specify the key size you want, or press Enter to accept the default. Your key must be at least 4096 bits.

  6. Enter the length of time the key should be valid. Press Enter to specify the default selection, indicating that the key doesn’t expire.

  7. Verify that your selections are correct

  8. Enter your user ID information. Note: When asked to enter your email address, ensure that you enter the verified email address for your TPA Stream account.

  9. Type a secure passphrase

  10. Use the gpg –list-secret-keys –keyid-format=long command to list the long form of the GPG keys for which you have both a public and private key.

  11. From the list of GPG keys, copy the long form of the GPG key ID you’d like to use. In this example, the GPG key ID is 3AA5C34371567BD2:

`` $ gpg –list-secret-keys –keyid-format=long /Users/hubot/.gnupg/secring.gpg ———————————— sec 4096R/3AA5C34371567BD2 2016-03-10 [expires: 2017-03-10] uid Hubot ssb 4096R/42B317FD4BA89E7A 2016-03-10 ``

  1. Paste the text below, substituting in the GPG key ID you’d like to use. In this example, the GPG key ID is 3AA5C34371567BD2

$ gpg --armor --export 3AA5C34371567BD2 # Prints the GPG key ID, in ASCII armor format

  1. Copy your GPG key, beginning with —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– and ending with —–END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—–
  2. Add the GPG key to your TPA Stream account

API Response Format

Each API endpoint, upon success, will return an object with the entity (or entities) in the data key. If the endpoint is paginated, it will also contain a number of other pagination related fields:

  "data": [],  // or {} for a single entity
  "has_next": true,
  "has_prev": false,
  "next_num": 2,
  "page": 1,
  "pages": 123,
  "per_page": 1000,
  "prev_num": 0,
  "total": 122901

API Errors

In the event that there is an error, our response will have a key of message. It may contain some other additional information depending on the nature of the error. If the error is an unexpected error (and raises an exception in our system), it will also contain an event_id. If you see an event_id, then our engineers are notified that there is an issue.

We make every effort to provide meaningful HTTP status codes and messages when there is an error. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your usage of our API by emailing

Error responses will look something like this:

  "message": "There was an error and hopefully this is useful info.",
  "event_id": "xxxxxxxxxx"

A note about Date Ranges

Types of data that are date ranges are serialized to JSON as an object with bounds:

  "bounds": "[)",
  "end": "2016-09-16",
  "start": "2016-09-15"

Note that since date of service can span over multiple days (for example, a hospital stay), it is stored as a range.

In the text form of a range, an inclusive lower bound is represented by “[” while an exclusive lower bound is represented by “(”. Likewise, an inclusive upper bound is represented by “]”, while an exclusive upper bound is represented by “)”

—For more details and examples, please consult the PostgreSQL documentation

Filtering and Paging Through Results

Most API endpoints have enforced pagination. There are currently no globally defined upper limits to how much can be requested per_page, but please try to maintain a healthy balance between number of requests and amount of data requested via per_page with each request. When pulling large amounts of data, we recommend starting with per_page=1000 and optimizing as necessary. Please contact if you intend to pull large amounts of data, as we can help define a strategy or custom endpoint to better serve both your needs & ours.

Here are a list of endpoints. GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE are supported for most endpoints, however may or may not be enabled for each type of user.

GET All Claims (starts with page 1. The response will tell you if there are more pages available)


GET All Employers


GET All Members


GET All Policy Holders


GET All Claims where Employer ID is 99999


GET All Claims where Policy Holder ID is 99999


GET All Claims where Member ID is 99999


GET Page 3 of Claims with 1000 Claims per page for Employer 999


GET Page 3 of Claims with 10 Claims per page for Employer 99. Do not include claims that are marked as “Read”, and do not include claims before the Employer’s “Effective Date”


Claims Response

  "data": [
        "amount_allowed": null,
        "amount_billed": 4509.00,
        "amount_not_covered": null,
        "amount_paid": 487.90,
        "amount_paid_other": null,
        "check_date": null,
        "check_number": null,
        "claim_medical_id": 9999999,
        "claim_medical_lines": [
           "amount_allowed": 69.11,
           "amount_billed": 85.00,
           "amount_not_covered": null,
           "amount_paid": 0.00,
           "amount_paid_other": null,
           "claim_medical_line_id": 999999,
           "coinsurance_patient": 0.00,
           "copayment": 0.00,
           "date_of_service": {
              "bounds": "[)",
              "end": "2016-10-26",
              "start": "2016-10-25"
           "diagnosis_code": null,
           "discount": null,
           "patient_responsibility": null,
           "procedure_code": null,
           "procedure_name": "Office/outpatient Visit, Est",
           "reduction": 69.11,
           "total_patient_responsibility": 69.11,
           "vendor_system_id": "0"
        "claim_requests": [],
        "coinsurance_patient": 209.10,
        "copayment": 0.00,
        "createddate": "2017-05-28T06:47:16.361817-04:00",
        "dataobject_id": 9999,
        "date_of_service": null,
        "dependents": [
           "alegeus_key": null,
           "createddate": "2018-03-29T08:47:12.044480-04:00",
           "datapath_key": null,
           "email": null,
           "first_name": "Johnny",
           "generic_key": null,
           "id": 99999,
           "last_name": "Appleseed",
           "modifieddate": "2018-03-29T08:47:12.044480-04:00",
           "ssn": null,
           "wex_key": null
        "discount": null,
        "eob_date": null,
        "group_name": null,
        "group_number": null,
        "id": 476877,
        "last_updated_status": "2017-05-28T06:47:16.361817-04:00",
        "members": [
           "email": "",
           "employer_id": 99999,
           "employer": {
              "id": 99999,
              "name": "Fruit Tree Planting Services, LLC",
              "reimbursement_policy": "off"

           "full_name": "Johnny Appleseed",
           "id": 888888
        "modifieddate": "2017-05-28T06:47:16.361817-04:00",
        "network": null,
        "patient_account_number": null,
        "patient_name": "Jimmy Appleseed",
        "patient_responsibility": 3959.10,
        "policy_holder": {
        "fullname": "Johnny Appleseed",
        "policy_holder_id": 888888
        "policy_holder_fullname": "Johnny Appleseed",
        "policy_holder_id": 888888,
        "processed_on": "2016-10-15",
        "read": [],
        "read_all": [],
        "reduction": 0.00,
        "remarks": null,
        "service_provider": "Dr. Suess",
        "service_provider_address": null,
        "service_provider_billing_address": null,
        "service_provider_billing_name": null,
        "service_provider_billing_npi_number": null,
        "service_provider_billing_number": null,
        "service_provider_billing_phone": null,
        "service_provider_npi_number": null,
        "service_provider_number": null,
        "status": "Processed",
        "total_patient_responsibility": 69.11,
        "status": "Processed",
        "tpafiles": [
           "extension": ".png",
           "tpafile_id": 99999,
           "url": "/claim_medical/99999/tpafile/88888"
           "extension": ".pdf",
           "tpafile_id": 44444,
           "url": "/claim_medical/99999/tpafile/88888"
        "type": {
        "name": "dental",
        "type_id": 2
        "vendor_system_id": "xxxxx122344"
  "has_next": true,
  "has_prev": false,
  "next_num": 2,
  "page": 1,
  "pages": 9999,
  "per_page": 1,
  "prev_num": 0,
  "total": 9999

Employer Response

  "data": [
        "accounts": [],
        "alegeus_key": null,
        "can_request_reimbursements": false,
        "can_use_portal": false,
        "createddate": "2016-12-10T12:17:09.497104-05:00",
        "datapath_key": "99999",
        "easy_enroll_ssn_required": true,
        "effective_date": "2016-05-01",
        "email_automation": true,
        "employer_id": 5555555,
        "generic_key": null,
        "is_demo": false,
        "modifieddate": "2017-02-28T18:07:03.799519-05:00",
        "name": "Dunder Mifflin Paper Company",
        "onboard_field_send_reimbursement": "all",
        "onboard_url": "",
        "payers": [
           "logo_url": "",
           "name": "Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey",
           "payer_id": 33,
           "retriever": "horizon_bluecross.HorizonBlue",
           "short_name": "Horizon BCBS NJ"
        "send_new_claim_emails": false,
        "slug": "dddd",
        "support_email": null,
        "support_email_derived": "",
        "support_phone": null,
        "support_phone_derived": "(800) 999-9999",
        "team_primary": null,
        "team_primary_id": null,
        "teams": [],
        "tenant": {
        "logo_url": "",
        "name": "My TPA",
        "tenant_id": 99999
        "unread_count": 333,
        "wex_key": null

  "has_next": true,
  "has_prev": false,
  "next_num": 2,
  "page": 1,
  "pages": 66,
  "per_page": 1,
  "prev_num": 0,
  "total": 66